This topic describes how you install the Microsoft Lync 2010 SDK. This SDK is required for the development of applications that implement features of Lync SDK.


The following prerequisite components must be installed prior to installing the SDK.

Installed Components

The following components are installed by the setup procedure.

  • Lync SDK assemblies for desktop and Silverlight applications

  • LyncSdkRedist.msi for re-distributing the runtime assemblies that support your Lync custom application.

  • Sample applications featuring the Lync SDK API.

Installing Lync SDK

  1. Download LyncSdkSetup.exe

  2. Launch LyncSdkSetup.exe and accept the EULA. The SDK files are copied to your computer, installed and verified.

Uninstalling Lync SDK

  1. In Control Panel, choose Programs and Features

  2. Select Microsoft Lync 2010 SDK and right-click the mouse button to choose Uninstall.

Next Steps

Create a new project in Visual Studio and add references to %root%\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Lync\SDK\Assemblies\Desktop\Microsoft.LyncModel.dll to your project.

If you are creating a Silverlight application, refer to %root%\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Lync\SDK\Assemblies\Silverlight\. For a simple example of a Silverlight application using Lync, see Walkthrough: Presence Hello World .

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