Class Description
Public class ContactCollection
Represents a collection of contacts that can be individually accessed by index.
Public class ContactPositionChangedEventArgs
Provides a range of contacts within the FrequentContacts group whose position has changed.
Public class CustomGroup
Represents a user-created contact group.
Public class DescriptionChangedEventArgs
Represents data for the DescriptionChanged event.
Public class DistributionGroup
Represents a distribution group (an e-mail distribution list).
Public class DistributionGroupExpansionStateChangedEventArgs
Represents data for the ExpansionStateChanged event.
Public class FavoriteContacts
Represents a group of favorite contacts.
Public class FrequentContacts
Represents a group of most frequently used contacts.
Public class Group
Represents a collection of contacts with a specified name.
Public class GroupCollection
Represents a collection of groups.
Public class GroupCollectionChangedEventArgs
Represents data for the GroupCollectionChanged event.
Public class GroupMemberChangedEventArgs
Represents data for the GroupMemberChanged event.
Public class GroupNameChangedEventArgs
Represents data for the GroupNameChanged event.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration GroupAction
Defines contasts for actions supported by a group.
Public enumeration GroupType
Defines constants for the types of groups supported.