The AccessPermissiontype exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method CreateObjRef (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Public method Equals (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method Finalize
(Overrides UCWFullFinalize () () () () .)
Public method GetAccessEntry
Gets the access entry instance, or creates a new access entry if not found.
Public method GetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetLifetimeService (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Public method GetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public method InitializeLifetimeService (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone () () () () (Inherited from Object Object.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone(Boolean) (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject MarshalByRefObject.)
Public method ToString (Inherited from Object.)
Public method TryGetValue
Try to get an access entry object given access scope and ID.


  Name Description
Public property AccessEntries
Returns all access entries.
Public property AccessLevel
Gets permission access level.


  Name Description
Public event AccessEntryAdded
Occurs when an access entry is added.
Public event AccessEntryRemoved
Occurs when an access entry is removed.

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