Use the MyPresenceChooser control in Microsoft Lync Control applications to display and change the user's current presence status selection. Clicking the control displays a list of presence status options, for example "Be Right Back". The user can change their presence status by selecting one of these options. The MyPresenceChooser control includes the ability to show and select custom presence states. This control can only be applied to the currently signed-in user and therefore does not have a Source property.

MyPresenceChooser Control


Notable MyPresenceChooser control public properties and events relating to unified communications appear in the following table. For a full list, see topics in the Lync 2010 API Class Library documentation.

Property or Event


DisplayName property

Gets the display name of the currently logged in user.

AvailabilityState property

Gets an enumerated value that represents the currently signed-in user's availability. The type is a ContactAvailability enumeration. Possible values:

  • Invalid

  • None

  • Free

  • FreeIdle

  • Busy

  • BusyIdle

  • DoNotDisturb

  • TemporarilyAway

  • Away

  • Offline

Model property

Reserved for internal use. This property may appear in XAML text when editing templates. To preserve control functionality it should remain unchanged.

Code Example

The following example can be used for Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application development.

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