The SignInConfigurationtype exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method CanSet
Returns true if the configuration type can be set.
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  Name Description
Public property ExternalServerUrl
Gets or sets the external signalling server address.
Public property InternalServerUrl
Gets or sets the internal signalling server address.
Public property IsPasswordSaved
Gets or sets the save password flag.
Public property Mode
Gets or sets the configuration mode value.
Public property SignedInFromIntranet
Determines whether user signed in from intranet.
Public property SignInAsAvailability
Get or sets the availability value for sign in with specified availability.
Public property SignInAutoRetry
Get or sets the bool value indication that auto retry for sign in is set.
Public property TransportMode
Gets or sets the current server transport.
Public property UserName
Sets display name for anonymous user. This property is reserved and must not be used.

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