The properties listed in the following table are common to most Lync Controls in the Microsoft Lync 2010 SDK.

Properties Common to All Lync Controls

Property or Event


IsInResiliencyMode property

Gets a bool value. The value True indicates the server has entered a state of limited functionality, and some features, such as presence, may not be available.

IsSignedIn property

Gets a bool value indicating whether the application user is signed in to Microsoft Lync 2010.

InitializationFailed property

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether initialization failed.

InitializationErrorMessage property

When InitializationFailed is true , this property stores a descriptive message generated during initialization.

InitializationError property

Provides an enumerated value of type Microsoft.Lync.Controls.LyncControlInitializationError to indicate the reason of the initialization failure.

InitializationCompleted event

Indicates that the control completed its initialization.

ContextualInformation property

Gets or sets data structure which provides contextual information for use with the contextual conversation feature. For more information on conversation context, see the topics under Contextual Conversations .

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