Use read-only properties inherited from the UCBase class to display Microsoft Lync Control initialization errors at run time. Lync Controls automatically establish a connection to Microsoft Lync 2010 when they are loaded. The first control to be loaded establishes the connection, which is shared by all subsequently loaded controls.

When a Lync Control fails to initialize the connection to Lync 2010, the initialization state and error are stored in these properties on the control:




Provides an enum value of type LyncControlInitializationError to indicate the reason for the initialization failure.


Returns a Boolean value indicating whether initialization failed.


Provides a string message describing the error.

Code Example

Use the following XAML code to display Lync Control initialization errors at run time.

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  <TextBlock HorizontalAlignment="Right" Text="Application
Initialization Failed:" />
  <TextBox Text="{Binding InitializationFailed,
ElementName=presence, Mode=OneWay}" />
  <TextBlock HorizontalAlignment="Right" Text="Application
Initialization Error:" />
  <TextBox Text="{Binding InitializationErrorMessage.Message,
ElementName=presence, Mode=OneWay}" />
  <controls:PresenceIndicator Source=""

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