Use the ContactSearch control in Microsoft Lync Control applications to display the ContactSearchInputBox and ContactSearchResultList controls together in the same location on a page. To display search results and search input in separate locations on a page, use the ContactSearchInputBox and ContactSearchResultList controls as separate controls.


Notable ContactSearch control public properties relating to unified communications appear in the following table. For a full list, see topics in the Lync 2010 API Class Library documentation.



SearchType property

Gets or sets the currently selected search type. The type is a SearchType enumeration. Possible values:

  • Skill

  • Name

ContextualInformation property

Gets or sets a data structure which contains information used to customize the information that accompanies messages. For more information on the use of contextual information, see the topics listed at Contextual Conversations.

MaxResults property

The maximum number of results to return.

Code Examples

The following example can be used for Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application development.

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