The utilities class within a LyncClient instance contains several methods useful in performing specific functions.

Utilities Methods

The following figure illustrates the methods available from the Microsoft.Lync.Model . . :: . . Utilities class.

Methods included in the Utilitiesclass:

  • AddToExternalContactsAdd a contact to the list of external contacts.

  • ComposeEmailCreate an e-mail to be sent to a specified recipient with a specified subject.

  • CreateNamedPropertyListCreate a named property list. For an example using a named property list, see Walkthrough: Start an IM Conversation .

  • ScheduleMeetingSchedule a meeting that includes specified participants with a specified subject.

  • ShowPropertiesDialogShow the properties dialog for the specified context.

Before you call any of the utility methods from the previous list, you must call UtilitiesCanInvoke(UtilitiesAction) to determine if the client can invoke the utility method.

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