Class Description
Public class ApplicationRegistration
Represents registration of an application package to be trusted for contextual conversation. This class object can be created by using the method CreateApplicationRegistration from the LyncClient object
Public class Automation
Represents the functions necessary to automate starting a conversation or joining a conference.
Public class ConversationWindow
Represents a conversation window and exposes operations to manipulate the window of a conversation, including docking into a parent window.
Public class ConversationWindowNeedsAttentionEventArgs
Represents the state of a ConversationWindowNeedsAttention event.
Public class ConversationWindowNeedsSizeChangeEventArgs
Represents the data of a ConversationWindowNeedsSizeChange Event.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AutomationModalities
Enumerates the modalities of a conversation. Use bitwise or to specify multiple modalities for a conversation.
Public enumeration AutomationModalitySettings
Enumerates contextual properties of a conversation.
Public enumeration ConversationWindowExtensionSize
Defines constants limiting the size of the extension area of a conversation window.