Managing Recipient Settings

Create an Address List

To create an address list, you must select the address list that is to contain the address list you are creating, specify an address list name, and define the address list membership.

You can use empty address lists and nested address lists to organize your address lists. The address name you select is the name that will appear when users select an address list. You can define the membership of an address list by selecting which recipient objects are included in an address list.

To create an address list:

  1. Start System Manager
    On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Exchange, and then click System Manager.
  2. In the console tree, double-click Recipients.
  3. Right-click All Address Lists, point to New, and then click Address List.
  4. In the Create Exchange Address List dialog box, in Address List name, type the name of the new address list, and then click Filter Rules.
  5. In the Find Exchange Recipients dialog box, define the search filters for address list membership by performing one of the following tasks:
  6. Preview the results of the search filters you selected.

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