Managing Recipient Settings

Using Default Address Lists

Default address lists are address lists that Exchange configures based on the values of specific attributes of Active Directory objects. By default, these address lists are available to your users. An example of a default address list is the All Groups address list. This list includes the groups in the organization.

Default address lists are installed during the Exchange 2000 Setup process. The following table describes each default address list.

Default Address List Description
All Contacts This list contains all mail-enabled contacts within the organization.
All Groups This list contains all mail-enabled groups within the organization.
All Users This list contains all mailbox-enabled or mail-enabled users within the organization.
Public Folders This list contains all public folders within the organization.
Global Address List

This list contains all recipients within the organization, including all mailbox-enabled users, mail-enabled users, groups, and contacts, public folders, and resources. The Global Address List is identical to the Exchange 5.5 Global Address List.

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