Managing Recipient Settings

Managing Address Lists for Your Users

Because address list membership changes dynamically, individual members do not need to be added to default or custom address lists. Default and custom address list memberships are based on filter rules that query Active Directory and are specified for each address list. The Recipient Update Service ensures the accuracy of address list memberships by processing new address lists and updating modified address lists based on a schedule that you select or customize.

Determine What Address Lists Your Organization Needs

To create customized address lists that best meet the needs of your organization, you can generate a set of address lists that you think will benefit your users needs. Address lists can be created by location (Los Angeles, Europe, or Building A), by function (marketing, development, or production), product team (automotive, airplane, or helicopter), or by any Active Directory object. It is recommended that you give your address lists a name that reflects the membership of the address list (such as Legal Department). Also, do not create more address lists than are necessary, because your users may have a difficult time finding the one that they want to use.

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