Managing Recipient Settings

Managing Recipient Update Service

The Recipient Update Service is part of Exchange System Attendant. Recipient Update Service is used by Exchange to generate and update default and customized address lists and to process changes made to recipient policies. The Recipient Update Service builds and updates address list membership using Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and the filter rules you set or modify for customized address lists. New address lists you create, and existing address lists that you modify, are updated by Recipient Update Service, ensuring that your Exchange users have access to current address lists when they browse for organizational resources.

As an Exchange administrator, you must manage Recipient Update Service. Managing Recipient Update Service involves either selecting a domain, an Exchange server, and a Windows 2000 domain controller, and then setting an update interval, or it involves customizing an address list update schedule. Selecting the Exchange server and Windows 2000 domain controller that is used to update recipients and then setting an update schedule, allows you to control how address lists for your organization are generated and updated.

Important   You must have a Recipient Update Service for every domain that has recipients.

The following table describes the functionality of the domain, Exchange server, and Windows 2000 domain controller used by Recipient Update Service.

Term Description
Domain The domain serviced by the server that is selected in the Exchange server box in the Recipient Update Service Properties dialog box.
Exchange server The server responsible for generating and updating address lists for the domain listed in the Domain box in the Recipient Update Service Properties dialog box.
Windows 2000 Domain Controller The Windows 2000 domain controller that the Exchange server connects with so that address list memberships can be generated and updated.

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