Coexisting with Previous Versions

Install Active Directory Connector

Run Active Directory Connector (ADC) Installation Wizard to install ADC.

Important   You must be an Enterprise Administrator to run ADC Setup.

Before starting Active Directory Connector Installation Wizard, close any applications you are running to avoid damaging system files or shared files.

  1. Insert the Exchange 2000 Server CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. From the Exchange CD-ROM, open the ADC folder, open the I386 folder, and then double-click Setup.exe.

Important   If you have previously installed any components of ADC, the Remove All option is available. Clicking Remove All deletes the Connection Agreements hosted on this server. If you do this, you must rehost the Connection Agreements on another server if you want to preserve them.

Note   ADC contains the Active Directory Connector Sites and Services and the Active Directory Connector Management components. You should install only a single instance of Active Directory Connector Sites and Services on the computer running Windows 2000 Server; however, you can install as many instances of the Active Directory Connector Management snap-in as are necessary to provide adequate management.

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