Common Issues

This topic contains information to can help you solve issues that may occur when you are running Active Directory Connector (ADC).

What problem are you having?

Objects are not being replicated between Exchange 5.5 and Active Directory.

The causes for errors in ADC directory replication can be disclosed by viewing the Windows 2000 event log.
When running ADC, you should view the Windows 2000 event log to ensure that directory replication is occurring. This should be part of your regularly scheduled maintenance plan. Regular maintenance helps you keep the directory replication process performing optimally, and can help you keep failures and errors to a minimum.
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Exchange attributes are improperly matched to Active Directory objects.

For various reasons, Exchange attributes may be mismatched with Active Directory objects. This usually occurs if multiple mailboxes in Exchange 5.5 have the same primary Windows NT account, but those mailboxes were not marked to identify which mailbox should be matched to the user account in Active Directory.

To resolve this issue, use Exchange Task Wizard to remove the Exchange attributes and then properly prepare the Exchange 5.5 directory by marking resource mailboxes. Finally, you need to run your properly configured ADC Connection Agreements.

Warning   Do not attempt to remove Exchange attributes until you have discussed the need to perform this procedure with Microsoft Product Support. For the most up-to-date information about how to remove Exchange attributes, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base .

To properly match Exchange attributes with Active Directory objects:

  1. Stop the Active Directory Connector service.
  2. Use Exchange Task Wizard to remove Exchange attributes from the Active Directory objects you want to reconnect.
  3. Ensure that your connection agreements are properly set up.
  4. Remove the ADC-Global-Names attribute from the mismatched mailboxes in the Exchange 5.5 directory.
  5. Use the NTDSAtrb utility to identify and mark resource mailboxes
  6. Run your properly configured ADC Connection Agreements.
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