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Understanding Event Logging Categories and Levels

You can choose which types of replication events to display in Windows 2000 Event Viewer. You configure this from the Active Directory Connector snap-in. Each logging category and logging level provides informational messages, warning message, and error messages.

Proactive maintenance includes reviewing the event log in Windows 2000 Event Viewer for possible errors. Troubleshooting ADC involves reading and interpreting the ADC-related events written in the event log to determine appropriate solutions.

Refer to the following tables for descriptions of the logging categories and logging levels used for viewing events in Windows 2000 Event Viewer.

Logging Categories

Category Description
Replication Messages indicating events that occurred during replication.
Account Management Messages indicating events that occurred while attempting to write or delete a Windows object during replication.
Attribute Mapping Messages indicating events that occurred while mapping attributes between Active Directory and the Exchange directory.
Service Controller Messages indicating events that occurred when the service was started and stopped.
LDAP Operations Messages indicating events that occurred while accessing the directory using LDAP.

Logging Levels

Level Description
None This is the default logging level. Logs only critical events and error events, which include starting and stopping the service and component installation.
Minimum Logs events, which include the success or failure of adding or removing a user account, errors encountered when establishing LDAP sessions, and errors updating the directory.
Medium Logs events including those associated with the existence of specific objects in the directory and proxy error warnings.
Maximum Logs all events and provides a complete record of the operation of ADC and the status of replication. Unless you are troubleshooting a problem, avoid using the Maximum logging level because it logs a large amount of information and can affect server performance.

The following sections describe Event IDs, explanations, and user actions:

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