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Understanding Results of Merging Object Attributes

When you merge duplicate accounts with Active Directory Account Cleanup Wizard, object attributes can be merged, added, moved, and sometimes deleted. Understanding the specific rules and results of merging Active Directory objects and their attributes will help you ensure that the correct attributes are merged into the final active user account.

Important   Once the source account's security, e-mail, and other information is copied to the target account, the source account is removed from the system.

The following sections describe the rules and results of merging Active Directory objects and their attributes. You should review the following results and rules before merging Active Directory objects.

Moving Mail Attributes

Only one of the user accounts in the merge pair can be mail-enabled. The source object can be a mail-enabled object. If the source account is mail-enabled, e-mail attributes are transferred to the target user account.

Merging Security Information

If an active user account is merged with a target active user account, the SID and SID history of the source user account is transferred into the SID history of the target user account.

Merging and Moving Other Attributes

There are a number of attributes, such as phone, department, and office, that provide information about the user but are not related to security or e-mail properties. Active Directory Account Cleanup Wizard attempts to copy all additional attributes from the source account to the target account.

If an attribute exists on both the source account and the target account, the following occurs:

If an attribute from the source account is not allowed as an attribute on the target account, that attribute and value are not transferred to the target account.

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