Coexisting with Previous Versions

Understanding Deployment Scenarios

Duplicate accounts are created as a result of multiple directories being migrated or upgraded into Active Directory. The following scenarios involve Active Directory Connector (ADC) and Security Identifiers (SID). Merging duplicate accounts in Active Directory can help improve performance of your servers that are running Exchange.

When possible, upgrade the primary domain controller of your master accounts domains to Windows 2000. To upgrade an existing server running Exchange, the primary Windows NT account of all mailboxes should be represented as a user object in Active Directory. If it is not possible to perform the domain upgrade, once you upgrade the Windows NT 4.0 domain, you may have duplicate objects in Active Directory. If this occurs, you need to use Active Directory Account Cleanup Wizard to merge duplicate objects in Active Directory.

The following is a list of scenarios that can result in duplicate accounts and may require you to run Active Directory Account Cleanup Wizard.

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