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Export a List of Accounts

You can export a list of merge operations (pairs of duplicate accounts) from Active Directory Account Cleanup Wizard. This allows you to review and modify the list of merge operations outside the wizard. You can restart the wizard, import the modified list of merge operations, and continue with the merge process at any time.

To export a list of accounts:

  1. Display a list of merge operations on the Review Merging Accounts screen.

    Do one of the following:

    Use Active Directory Account Cleanup Wizard to search for duplicate accounts in Active Directory. The search results display a list of suggested merge operations.


    Select duplicate accounts manually in Active Directory. The duplicate accounts that you select display as merge operations the wizard can perform.


    Import a list of accounts from a .csv file you previously saved. This file displays a list of merge operations.

  2. On the Review Merging Accounts screen, click Next.
  3. On the Begin Merging Accounts screen, select Export the list of merge accounts to a file, click Browse, and then select a location and file name for the .csv file that contains a list of accounts to be merged.

    This file contains the source accounts, target accounts, and attributes of each type of account.

    Important   This list of accounts is exported, and later imported, to merge duplicate account, to provide you with information about the accounts being merged in the .csv file format. Changing any of the attributes does not affect the merge, because you import only the source and target information back into the wizard.

  4. To export the merge operations to the specified file, click Save, and then click Next.

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