Coexisting with Previous Versions

Configuration Connection Agreements

A Configuration Connection Agreement replicates the Exchange 5.5 site configuration data with the Exchange 2000 configuration data in Active Directory. Configuration Connection Agreements allow Exchange 2000 servers to coexist with computers running previous versions of Exchange and Windows NT.

Configuration Connection Agreements are automatically created by Setup when you install an Exchange 2000 server in an existing Exchange 5.5 organization. When you install Exchange 2000, Setup analyzes your Exchange organization and builds the Configuration Connection Agreement necessary to replicate Exchange-specific configuration information between Exchange 5.5 and Active Directory.   For example:

When you install the first instance of Exchange 2000 in an Exchange 5.5 organization, the Configuration Connection Agreement uploads the configuration directory data from every Exchange 5.5 site to Active Directory; however, it downloads only the configuration directory data for the local site.

As you install Exchange 2000 servers in other Exchange 5.5 sites, more Configuration Connection Agreements are installed. As this happens, the first Configuration Connection Agreement stops uploading configuration directory data for the sites that now have Exchange 2000 servers installed, and the configuration directory data is replicated by the Configuration Connection Agreement for each site.

Note   After replication, all Exchange 5.x sites are represented in Active Directory as administrative groups, and conversely, Exchange 2000 servers in the administrative groups are represented in the Exchange 5.x sites.

Configuration Connection Agreements allow the Exchange 2000 server to be represented in the Exchange 5.5 directory, and earlier versions of Exchange can send and receive messages as seamlessly as if the new server is running Exchange 5.5. Additionally, message routing information must be replicated between Active Directory and the Exchange 5.5 directory to allow Exchange 2000 servers to send messages to e-mail connectors that exist only on the Exchange 5.5 servers and vice versa.

Configuration Connection Agreements replicate Exchange-specific configuration information between Active Directory and Exchange Site Replication Service (SRS). SRS is a component installed by Exchange 2000 and is similar to Exchange 5.5 Directory Service, although the Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) is disabled. When an Exchange 2000 server is installed in an Exchange 5.x site, SRS is used for intra-site directory replication over remote procedure call (RPC). If an Exchange 5.5 directory-replication bridgehead server is upgraded to Exchange 2000, SRS provides mail-based directory replication to downstream Exchange 5.x sites.

Viewing and Modifying Configuration Connection Agreements

After Setup configures the Configuration Connection Agreement, you can view and modify the Configuration Connection Agreements as described in Managing Active Directory Connector.

Note   Configuration Connection Agreements cannot be deleted (except by removing Exchange 2000).

You can view and modify Configuration Connection Agreements in the following ways:

For more information about Configuration Connection Agreements, see Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Planning and Installation.

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