Hosting Chat Communities


The chat client initiates the Auth command to automatically authenticate the chat client.

Note   When the server supports IRCX with an authentication mechanism, the Auth command must be the first message from an IRCX-compliant chat client.

Use the Mode ISIRCX command to determine if a server supports IRCX.


Auth Name Seq [:Arguments]

The section on conventions used in syntax gives help in reading command syntax.


Name Name of the authentication mechanism.
Seq The sequence of the Auth message:
  • I = Initial Auth message
  • S = all Subsequent Auth messages

Note   If the chat client specifies "*" for the sequence, the server ends the authentication sequence.

Arguments   Optional data sent as an argument with the Auth message. The content of the argument depends on the authentication mechanism that is used; it must comply with IRC message format restrictions.


(Client initiates)  auth ntlm I : standard  
(Server responds)  auth ntlm S : standard  
(Client responds)  auth ntlm S : standard  
(Server responds)  auth ntlm * userid@domain 12AB1234C  
     This exchange authenticates the chat client user identifier and domain.