Hosting Chat Communities

Channels (Chat Rooms)

In Chat Service, a channel is a virtual place where people meet to "talk" in groups or privately, usually about a particular topic. When a user joins a channel, the user can read anything that is typed to members of the channel.

Chat Service enables a system administrator to create permanent channels, called Registered channels, from System Manager.

There are two types of registered channels: one that starts when someone joins the channel, and one that is created automatically when the service starts. Any started channels that are not secret or hidden are visible from a chat client using the List or Listx commands.

Dynamic channels are temporary channels created from a chat client using the IRC Join command or the IRCX Create command.

Note   A channel host manages a channel from a chat client. The first person to join a channel automatically receives channel host status, and can share this status or not. A channel host is someone who has control over a specific channel. In IRC, a channel host is referred to as a channel operator, or chanop.

Channel Modes

You can configure four of the channel modes on the channel Access tab because they have to do with a channel's visibility to users. These modes are:

You can configure additional channel modes on the channel Modes tab. Among the modes you can configure are:

/MODE channel_name +v nickname

Channel Name

A channel name can contain between 1 and 200 ASCII characters. You can use any character except null, bell, carriage return, line feed, space, comma , and backslash. To prevent potential conflicts if the channel is cloned, avoid ending the name with a number.

Note   If the chat client supports IRCX protocol, the channel name may include double-byte character set (DBCS) characters. Names made up of DBCS characters are limited to 100 characters.

You must precede each channel name with a valid prefix (#, &, %#, or %&). A prefix consists of one or two characters that identify the type of channel.

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