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Conventions Used in Syntax

The following conventions (with the exception of Monospace) are used in the Syntax sections of this documentation to make the various command parameters easier to distinguish and understand. Note, however, that the command line ignores bolding, italicization, and capitalization.

Convention Meaning
Monospace This font is used for all command lines in the Examples sections of this documentation. Note that braces, brackets, bolding, and capitalization are not used in code examples.
[Parameter=ValueList]   Items inside brackets ([]) are optional.
{value | value | value} Braces ({}) and a vertical bar (|) indicate that you must choose between two or more items. You must choose one of the items unless all of the items are also enclosed in square brackets; for example, [{This | OrThat}]. In that case, the value may be left empty as well.
Bold Items in bold indicate commands or switches.
Italic Items in italic are variables.
Blank spaces Blank spaces are used to separate commands, switches, and parameters from each other. Blank spaces should not exist within commands, switches, or parameters.
NOALIAS Items in all capital letters are keywords for modes and flags. The keywords are not case-sensitive, but you must spell them exactly as shown.