Hosting Chat Communities


The Create command creates a new dynamic channel and designates channel modes at creation time. By default, the user running the command is established as the channel owner and joins the channel.

You can also use the Create command the same way you use the Join command, to join an existing dynamic or registered channel.

Note  The user must be in IRCX mode to use this command.


Create Channel Modes [Arguments] [c]

The section on conventions used in syntax gives help in reading command syntax.


Channel Name of the channel.
Modes Initial channel modes. Run them together; do not separate them by spaces ( ), commas (,), or plus signs (+). The modes do not have to be in order.

Note   Channel modes are documented in RFC 1459.

Arguments   Optional mode arguments, separated by spaces. The arguments must follow the order of the modes preceding them.
c The c switch prevents the user running the Create command from joining a channel if it already exists. This ensures that the user running the command is established as the owner of a new channel.


create #mychannel lk 50 knockfirst  
     Creates a channel called #MyChannel with a 50-user limit and a keyword equal to Knockfirst.