Hosting Chat Communities


The Data command provides a way to send information or instructions to a client. Clients should process Data messages only if they understand and support the tag used. Clients that do not understand the message should ignore the command.

IRCX servers do not send Data commands to clients that do not support IRCX.

Note   The user must be in IRCX mode to use this command.


Data ChannelOrNickList Tag :Message

The section on conventions used in syntax gives help in reading command syntax.


ChannelOrNickList   Channel, nickname, list of channels, or list of nicknames. This is the "target" for the data.
Tag Text that indicates how to interpret the message, such as "Url," or "Ad," or "Stockquote." If the tag begins with SYS or ADM, the originator must be a sysop. Valid characters for Tag are a through z (uppercase and lowercase), 0 through 9, and the period (.). The tag can contain up to 15 ANSI or unicode characters, but must begin with an alphabetical character.

Note   Be consistent in your use of tag prefixes. For example, if MS.CHAT.AVATAR is a tag used by MICONLY clients, they should use MS.CHAT tags as well.

Message The client message. When sending code messages, you must specify new lines or control characters within the message with escape codes. For example, "\t" may be used to represent a tab.


data #channel SYS.BANNER.URL :
     Sends advertising banners to clients that know to display them.
data #channel 3D.POS :Nick, x=5, y=15, z=21
     Sends 3-D position information to clients that can display 3-D images.