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The Event command adds, changes, or deletes chat in-band Event logging. Sysops use Event logging to monitor server activity with a client.

You can use the Event command to view the following categories of events:

USER Events related to users, such as User Logon, User Quit, User Logoff, User Disconnect, User Timeout, User Input, User Output, User Killed from Server, and User Nick Change.
CHANNEL   Events related to channels, such as Create, Destroy, Mode, and Topic Changes.
MEMBER Events related to channel members, such as Join Channel and Part Channel.
SERVER Events related to servers, such as Server Link and Server Unlink.
CONNECT Events related to connections, such as Connection Not Allowed and Connection Provided Bad Authentication.
SOCKET Events related to sockets, such as Socket Accept and Socket Close.

Command Syntax

Event List [Category]

Event {Add | Delete} Category [UserMask]

The section on conventions used in syntax gives help in reading command syntax.


Category   The event category includes USER, CHANNEL, MEMBER, SERVER, CONNECT, and SOCKET.
UserMask Optional mask for applying selection criteria based on who (or what) generated the event.


event add channel
     Adds CHANNEL events.
event list
     Lists all events currently being monitored.
event add user
     Starts monitoring user-related events.
event delete user
     Stops monitoring USER-related events.
event add user *@*  
     Starts monitoring all events generated by users at the site

Event Message Syntax

The following table shows the syntax for each event message:

Event Message Syntax
Channel created Server EVENT Time CHANNEL CREATE #Channel Modes CreatorMask
Channel destroyed Server EVENT Time CHANNEL DESTROY #Channel
Channel topic changed Server EVENT Time CHANNEL TOPIC #Channel HostMask :Topic
Channel member
keyword changed
Server EVENT Time CHANNEL KEYWORD #Channel HostMask :Topic
Maximum number of
members on
a channel has
been reached
Server EVENT Time CHANNEL LIMIT #Channel HostMask :Port
Channel mode changed Server EVENT Time CHANNEL MODE #Channel CurrentModes HostMask
Channels collided and
one was killed
Channels collided and
were merged
Server EVENT Time CHANNEL MERGE #Channel
Connection provided bad
Server EVENT Time CONNECT BADAUTH UserMask SecurityPackage UserID
Connection not allowed Server EVENT Time CONNECT NOACCESS UserMask
Connection from that
user banned
Server EVENT Time CONNECT BANNED UserMask Server
Member has joined
Server EVENT Time MEMBER JOIN #Channel MemberMask Modes
Member parted from
Server EVENT Time MEMBER PART #Channel MemberMask
Member kicked from
Server EVENT Time MEMBER KICK #Channel MemberMask HostNick
Member's modes changed
by host
Server EVENT Time MEMBER MODE #Channel MemberMask Modes HostMask
User logged on Server EVENT Time USER LOGON Mask RemoteIpAddress:Port LocalIpAddress:Port Modes
User quit Server EVENT Time USER QUIT Mask :Reason
User logged off Server EVENT Time USER LOGOFF Mask
User was disconnected Server EVENT Time USER DISCONNECT Mask :Reason
User timed out Server EVENT Time USER TIMEOUT Mask
User killed from server
because of input flooding
User killed from server
because of output buffer
User killed from server Server EVENT Time USER KILL Mask :Reason
User changed nickname Server EVENT Time USER NICK Mask
User changed own modes Server EVENT Time USER MODE Mask Modes
Server disconnected portal   Server EVENT Time SERVER UNLINK IPAddress Port OtherServer PortalName
Server established portal connection   Server EVENT Time SERVER LINK IPAddress Port OtherServer PortalName
Socket accepted Server EVENT Time SOCKET ACCEPT RemoteIPAddress:Port LocalIPAddress:Port
Socket closed Server EVENT Time SOCKET CLOSE RemoteIPAddress:Port LocalIPAddress:Port
Socket had bad DNS
Server EVENT Time SOCKET BADDNS RemoteIPAddress:Port LocalIPAddress:Port Server
Socket had fake DNS
Server EVENT Time SOCKET FAKEDNS RemoteIPAddress:Port LocalIPAddress:Port Server


Server Name of the server on which the event occurred.
Time Number of seconds since January 1, 1970.
Modes Channel modes with which the channel was created.
Topic A string that presents the topic of discussion on the channel.
IpAddress:Port   IP address and port number of the user that generated the event.
Mask User identification.
Reason Text supplied by the server or user.
HostNick Nickname of the host that changed the topic or removed the member (MemberNick) from the channel.

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