Hosting Chat Communities

How Chat Service Works

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Chat Service provides a multiuser chat system in which people convene for conversations on channels (more commonly known as chat rooms). Users can join live, real-time discussion forums that cover a broad range of discussion topics. Discussions can be ongoing or spontaneous, public or private.

Chat Service is integrated with Windows 2000 Active Directory to provide a single point for establishing virtual chat communities and then configuring channels, bans, and network settings. An Exchange server can host several chat communities, each capable of serving a different business organization or public interest.

Chat Service is based on Internet Relay Chat (IRC), a client-server protocol that supports real-time conversation between two or more users over a TCP/IP network. Since its development in 1988, IRC has become an Internet standard that currently forms the basis of several worldwide chat networks. For more information on IRC, see Request for Comments (RFC) 1459, "Internet Relay Chat Protocol."

Chat Service is also based on IRCX, a set of extensions developed by Microsoft that enhances the functionality of the IRC protocol and adds several new commands for managing users and channels on a chat server.

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