Hosting Chat Communities

How a User Ban Works

You create a user ban to restrict a specific chat user from access to a specific chat community. When the banned user tries to gain access to the restricted chat community, he or she is refused. The user to be restricted is identified by Nickname, User name, or both. The chat community protected by the ban is identified by Domain name or IP address.

Tip   To ban a group of users, use Active Directory Users and Computers to create a group for users, add the group to the account, and then ban the group. For further information, refer to your Windows 2000 Server online documentation.

The ban can be in effect until you remove it, or for a specific period of time. The banned user could gain access to the restricted chat community after the specified time period has elapsed.

Note   If the start time and end time entries are both the same, the ban will remain in effect until removed.

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