Hosting Chat Communities


The Isircx command queries an IRCX chat server whether your client has IRCX mode enabled. Since non-IRCX chat servers may not respond to the Isircx command, use the Mode ISIRCX command before your client registers to find out if a chat server supports IRCX.

To enable the IRCX mode on your client, use the Ircx command.



When you issue the Isircx command, the return message appears in the following format:

State Version PackageList MaxMsg OptionList

The message is defined in the following table:

State Indicates whether the client has IRCX mode enabled (0 for disabled, 1 for enabled).
Version The version of the IRCX protocol, starting at 0.
PackageList   A list of authentication packages supported by the chat server. The package name of "ANON" indicates that anonymous connections are permitted.
MaxMsg Defines the maximum message size permitted. The standard is 512 KB.
OptionList A list of options supported by the server; these are implementation-dependent. If no options are available, the asterisk (*) is used.