Hosting Chat Communities


The original Lusers command reported only the number of users on a server. The enhanced command also reports the following information:

All users on all servers. The number of global users on the network, including invisible users. Invisible users have the "invisible" flag set so that other users cannot find them.
Operators online. The number of operators online. (In this case, operators are sysops, not channel owners or hosts.)
Unknown connections. Sessions that are in the process of being connected, but have not yet been identified on the local server.
Channels formed. The total number of channels, if the user is a sysop. Otherwise, the command reports only nonsecret channels.
Local clients and servers. The number of clients and servers directly connected to the local server.
Current and maximum number of local users. The number of users on the local server and the largest number of concurrent users it has supported during operation.
Current and maximum number of global users. The largest number of users that the local server has observed on the network during operation. If two servers have been operating on the same network for different periods of time, their global maximums are different.




See RFC 1459 for information about the messages returned when the Lusers command is issued.