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Monitoring Performance

Monitoring the performance of Chat Service involves measuring its responsiveness to service requests. Performance monitoring indicates whether the service is performing as expected and warns you about processing delays and latencies that require your attention.

Monitoring Chat Service performance allows you to ensure that hardware resources, such as CPU and memory, are adequately servicing Chat Service requests. In general, the three hardware resources you need to monitor are CPU utilization, disk swapping rate, and memory utilization.

To track data, Performance Monitor uses a series of counters such as memory utilization, the number of network packets transmitted per second, and the percentage of CPU utilization. You can configure Performance Monitor to observe real-time performance or to store data in logs for later examination and analysis.

Use the following counters for monitoring Chat Service performance:

Performance Counters that Indicate Hardware Limitations

The following problems typically occur on servers that do not meet the minimum recommended configuration.

Note   The minimum recommended configuration is a computer with an Intel Pentium 60 MHz processor and at least 64 MB of RAM.

For more information on these counters, see the Windows 2000 Resource Kit.

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