Hosting Chat Communities


The Privmsg command sends a private message to selected users on one or more channels. Privmsg is intended to elicit automatic responses from clients who have set the Away command.

With the Away command, clients can set an automatic reply string for any Privmsg commands directed at them (not to a channel they are on). Chat Service sends the automatic reply to the client that sent the Privmsg command.

In addition to the functionality described in RFC 1459, Chat Service allows you to specify that a private message be sent only to particular nicknames in a particular channel. For example, the command "privmsg #mychannel jim,sue,kim" sends a message to the users with nicknames Jim, Sue, and Kim on the channel #MyChannel.


Privmsg ChannelOrNickList :Message

Privmsg Channel NickList :Message

The section on conventions used in syntax gives help in reading command syntax.


ChannelOrNickList   A channel, list of channels, nickname, list of nicknames, or a list of containing both channels and nicknames. Commas should separate these, with no spaces between.
Channel A channel.
NickList A list of nicknames. Commas should separate these, with no spaces between.
Message Message sent to the channel members. Quotation marks are not necessary.


privmsg #mychannel piper,oyster :Watch your spelling  
     Sends the message "Watch your spelling" to the users with the nicknames Piper and Oyster on the channel #MyChannel.
privmsg #mychannel,jim,#bigchan,kim,sue :The gig is up.
     Sends a message to all users on #MyChannel and #BigChannel, and to Jim, Kim, and Sue.
privmsg #mychannel jim,sue,kim :You must respond immediately to collect $1,000,000.
     Sends a message to Jim, Sue, and Kim on #MyChannel, and expects an automatic response if the user is out of the office.