Supporting Messaging Clients

Set a Default Document

A default document is an HTML document that you specify as a property on a folder. A default document is used when a user requests a folder from the HTTP virtual server without specifying the name of a file within that folder. If you specify a default document, the HTTP virtual server displays that page to the user. If you do not specify a default document, a list of the folder's contents is displayed for the user to choose from.

To set the default document for a folder, send the PROPPATCH command as an HTTP request to the server. Set the value of the DAV:defaultdocument property to a string indicating either the absolute (http://server/virtualdir/folder/file) or relative (./folder/file) paths to the file. The request is sent using Microsoft Visual Basic script and the XMLHTTPRequest object available with Microsoft XML.

Note   You can set a default document in IIS; however, Exchange does not use this information when processing requests against HTTP servers and folders created and managed in Exchange.

To set a default document:

  1. To send the PROPPATCH request to the HTTP server, you must write a script. Use the following Visual Basic examples to script the PROPPATCH command.
  2. Once the server receives the request, you can view the contents of Mydefdoc.htm by using the get command on /public/myfolder/.