Supporting Messaging Clients

Access Published Information

Clients can access a published directory through one of the Microsoft products described in the following list or through any other client that supports the industry standard HTTP/WebDAV protocol.

To view published files, Web browsers use the virtual server's local or DNS name to access a directory. Because the name of the virtual server is usually shorter than the path name of the directory, it is more convenient for users to type. These names also make it easier for you to move directories in your site. Instead of changing the URL for the directory, you change the mapping between the alias and the physical location of the directory.

Important   Before you can view the contents of the folder you are exposing, you must start the virtual server's Web site. If you are publishing files in the default Exchange virtual server, you must start the Web site in IIS. If you are publishing files from an Exchange HTTP virtual server, you must start the server in System Manager.