Supporting Messaging Clients

Configure POP3 Clients

Before a POP3 client can connect to a server, a mailbox-enabled user must be created in Active Directory for the client. The POP3 client will also need to be configured with account information that is necessary to allow the client to connect to the POP3 virtual server.

Note   URLs are now generated in meeting requests downloaded from a POP3 client. When a meeting request is downloaded from a POP3 client, a URL to the meeting request is included in the message. The POP3 user can click the URL to go to the Outlook Web Access meeting request and accept the appointment to have it automatically added to his or her calendar.

If you use this feature with POP3 clients, you must configure the POP3 client to keep a copy of the message on the server. If the POP3 client is configured to delete mail from the server after it has been downloaded to the client, clicking the URL within the meeting request will result in an HTTP 404 error indicating that the Outlook Web Access meeting request is not available.

To configure POP3 clients: