Supporting Messaging Clients

Configure IMAP4 Clients

Before an IMAP4 client can connect to a server, a mailbox-enabled user must be created in Active Directory for the client. The IMAP4 client also must be configured with account information that is necessary to allow the client to connect to the IMAP4 virtual server.

Note   URLs are now generated in meeting requests downloaded from an IMAP4 client. When a meeting request is downloaded from an IMAP4 client, a URL to the meeting request is included in the message. The IMAP4 user can click the URL to go to the Outlook Web Access meeting request and accept the appointment to have it automatically added to his or her calendar.

To configure IMAP4 clients:

Warning   If your users are connecting to an IMAP4 virtual server from a Netscape Messenger client to retrieve mail, the user will receive an error message if anonymous LDAP access is not allowed. Netscape Messenger cannot resolve names stored in Active Directory unless LDAP allows anonymous access. By default, anonymous LDAP access is not enabled, and users may see an error message stating that "Mail ID invalid or not unique, cannot resolve to directory authorization entry." To allow Netscape clients to access an IMAP4 server in Exchange 2000, enable anonymous LDAP access.