Supporting Messaging Clients

Moderated Newsgroups

You can designate a moderator to control which articles are posted to a newsgroup. Articles submitted to a moderated newsgroup are not posted until the moderator assigned to the newsgroup approves them.

You can specify whether a newsgroup is moderated when you create the newsgroup or at a later time. To use moderated newsgroups, you must specify a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) mail server for sending articles directly to the moderators, or you must specify a directory in which articles for the moderators are stored.

When a user submits an article to a moderated newsgroup, the NNTP server sends the article to the newsgroup moderator. The moderator can approve the article and send it back to the server to be posted, or the moderator can discard the article. If a moderator rejects an article, the moderator can send a message to the article's author explaining why he or she rejected the article.

Instead of assigning one user's alias as the moderator, you can use the default moderator for a newsgroup. In this case, articles are sent to the newsgroup's default domain; for example, articles posted to the newsgroup, with a default domain of, are sent to Any user who has permission to access this newsgroup can approve or reject these articles.