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Use this command to add, delete, and modify expiration policies. The following table lists the parameters you can use with the rexpire Visual Basic command.

Parameter Description
-t operation, in which operation is one of the following arguments:
     a Adds the expiration policy to the metabase.
     d Deletes the expiration policy.
     g Gets the expiration policy from the metabase.
     s Sets the expiration policy.
     e Enumerates the expiration policies.
-s server The name of the server computer to be configured.
-v virtual server id The NNTP virtual server (an integer).
-i expire id The ID of the expiration policy.
-h expire hours The number of hours until articles are discarded.
-n newsgroups The newsgroups to which the command is applied (Strings containing the wildcard character (*) can be used.)
-p policy name The name of the expiration policy.

The following examples show how command scripts are used. When Windows Script Host is running, you can type any of the command scripts shown here on the command line.

Command script Function
Rexpire.vbs -t e -v 1
Enumerates the expiration policies for an NNTP virtual server. In this example, the virtual server is named 1.
Rexpire.vbs -t d -i 1
Deletes an expiration policy. In this example, the policy is named 1.