Supporting Messaging Clients

How Services and Servers Support Newsgroups

NNTP Service in Windows 2000 replaces Internet News Service in Exchange Server version 5.5. This built-in Windows 2000 service is designed to support a stand-alone newsgroup server, making it easy to create group discussions. When you install Exchange 2000 Server, NNTP Service is enhanced with the capability to interface with other news servers through newsfeeds. NNTP Service can communicate with external NNTP servers to make popular Usenet groups available to your users.

An NNTP virtual server allows you to administer newsgroup services by controlling authentication and client connections from one centralized location. You can arrange multiple NNTP virtual servers in a master/slave configuration. This enables clients to connect to a protocol farm and still maintain a current article listing in newsgroups.

Similar to other protocols, NNTP is now integrated with IIS. All NNTP communication is sent and received by NNTP Service. The service directly handles messages according to the settings on the NNTP virtual server to which a newsgroup belongs.

The following diagram illustrates the NNTP architecture.

Enlarge figure

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