Configuring Information Stores

Set Full-Text Indexing Properties

Indexes must updated regularly to reflect the latest data. To automatically index your public folder stores and mailbox stores, use the Full-Text Indexing tab for each information store.

Important   The Full-Text Indexing tab is disabled until you manually run the Create Full-Text command on the store.

To set full-text indexing properties for an information store:

  1. Start System Manager
    On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Microsoft Exchange, and then click System Manager.
  2. Navigate to the store to be indexed.

    System Manager

    1. Administrative Group or Organization
    2. Servers
    3. Storage Group
    4. Store
  3. Right-click the database, and then click Properties
  4. Click the Full-Text Indexing tab.
  5. To build a custom schedule graphically, click a value in Update interval or click Customize. Updating the index adds new entries to the existing index.
  6. To make the index available to users, select This index is currently available for searching by clients.

    Tip   After the first index is created, this check box is selected automatically. Don't use this check box if there is no index or the index is so out-of-date that searches return invalid information.