Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Free and Busy Calendaring with Novell GroupWise

In Novell GroupWise, most types of data are transported using some form of e-mail message, including e-mail itself, directory synchronization data, administrative functions, meeting requests, as well as requests for free and busy information.

Requests for free and busy information are processed by the home post office of the target user on the Novell GroupWise system. A special class of mail object (with a keyword called MSG-TYPE set to SEARCH) is sent as a high priority message through the GroupWise network. The mail object is sent from Exchange to the target user's post office on Novell GroupWise. The response from Novell is an e-mail message consisting of a list of busy dates and times.

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Calendar Connector interacts with the GroupWise environment via the connector for Novell GroupWise. The connector for Novell GroupWise receives the request from Calendar Connector, and sends the request to GroupWise API Gateway. API Gateway routes the message according to the MSG-TYPE keyword, which for this scenario is set to SEARCH.