Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Understanding the Status of Free and Busy Information

The following illustration shows how Calendar Connector queries free and busy information on both Exchange and partner systems.

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When a user in Outlook queries for the free and busy information of a user on a partner system, Calendar Connector intercepts the query and checks records in the free busy public folder in Microsoft Web Storage System on the Exchange server to see when the requested free and busy record was updated. Calendar Connector will perform one of the following actions:

If a query is sent to the partner system for more current information, then Calendar Connector waits for the amount of time that you specified on the connector's General tab, in the Maximum number of seconds to wait for a response field. Then, one of the following actions will occur:

Note   Exchange, and users on partner systems, will not be notified that free and busy information may be old, or that more up-to-date information could be obtained. In addition, users will not receive notification if the Calendar Connector service has been stopped.

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