Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Multiple Free and Busy Public Folder Replicas

To improve availability and performance, you can configure your Exchange environment to have more than one replica of the public folder containing the free and busy information for your partner users. Increasing the number of copies of the data increases the number of locations where data can be retrieved and increases the speed of access to the data.

In order for Calendar Connector to process queries made to any of the replicas, an instance of Calendar Connector must be installed on one of the servers containing a replica. This allows Calendar Connector to discover all the other replicas.

Note   In Exchange 2000, Calendar Connector can only service replicas residing on an Exchange 2000 server. Queries made to replicas residing on an Exchange 5.x server will not be processed. To service those replicas, you will need to install Calendar Connector for Exchange 5.5 on the Exchange 2000 server.

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