Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Configure a Connection to Lotus Notes

You can create and configure your connection to Lotus Notes in Calendar Connector, either before or after you prepare the Lotus Notes environment.

To create and configure a connection to Lotus Notes:

  1. In Exchange System Manager, right-click Calendar Connector, and then click Properties.
  2. On the Calendar Connections tab, click New, and then click Lotus Notes.
  3. In Windows 2000 Server Hosting the Notes Server, type the Windows NT computer name of the Notes server with which the Calendar Connector communicates.

    Note   The Windows NT computer name must match the Notes server name. This may be the same server used for the connector for Lotus Notes.

  4. In Path to the local Notes.ini file, type the fully qualified path to the Notes.ini file, for the Notes client that is installed on the computer running Exchange.

    Note   The Notes.ini file is used by Calendar Connector to log on to Lotus Notes. This may be the same Notes.ini file used by the connector for Lotus Notes.

  5. In Password, type the password of the Notes client that Calendar Connector is using to log on to the Notes server.