Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Install an Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise

Free and busy queries in Novell GroupWise are sent as a special type of e-mail message, and Calendar Connector relies on an Exchange connector for Novell GroupWise to route these messages.

Warning   Before you install an Exchange connector for Novell GroupWise, you must prepare the Novell GroupWise environment for connecting to Exchange.

To install an Exchange connector for Novell GroupWise:

  1. On the Windows 2000 Server computer where you have installed Exchange 2000, insert the Exchange CD into the CD-ROM drive.
  2. To start Microsoft Exchange 2000 Installation Wizard, on the Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 splash screen, click the Setup tab, and then click Exchange Server Setup.
  3. To accept the end-user license agreement, click Next twice.
  4. In the Action column, for Microsoft Exchange 2000, select Custom.

    Note   If Exchange 2000 has already been installed, select Change.

  5. For Microsoft Exchange Messaging and Collaboration Services, select Install.
  6. For Microsoft Exchange Connector for Novell GroupWise, select Install.
  7. To confirm your selection, click Next, and then complete the wizard.