Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Choosing Which Recipients to Export

Connectors provide several different controls that allow you to choose which recipients that you export from Microsoft Exchange 2000. You can:

You set up export containers and choose whether to export groups or contacts in the Export Containers tab of the connectors.

Exporting Contacts

Contacts within export containers are assumed to be non-native to the messaging system they're being exported to. In other words, you would not export directory information back to the system from which it originated. For example, you may have added contacts manually or imported them from a different messaging system. Regardless of a contact's origin, changes you make to Active Directory contacts cannot be used to overwrite the directories of other messaging systems.

Exporting Groups

When a group is exported, only the group name is sent, not the list of members. In Exchange, groups from other systems appear as users or contacts (depending upon how you have imported them). Groups are exported by default.