Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Coexistence with Exchange 5.5 Connectors

Microsoft Exchange 2000 supports a mixed-mode (also called mixed vintage) scenario, in which Exchange 5.5 runs on a Microsoft Windows NT member server and connects to an Exchange 2000 server. Both are part of the same Microsoft Windows 2000 domain. To synchronize the Exchange 5.5 directory with Active Directory, use Active Directory Connector (ADC) and create connection agreements. Use a routing group connector for mail transfer.

From the perspective of Exchange 5.5, an Exchange 2000 server is simply another server with which it replicates directory information. From the perspective of Exchange 2000, an Exchange 5.5 server is another server to which it replicates the global catalog.

In a mixed-mode environment, you can connect to a partner messaging system using either an Exchange 5.5 connector or an Exchange 2000 connector. In general, you should establish a single point of connection for mail between the partner system and the mixed-mode Exchange environment. Regardless of which Exchange server is connected to the partner system, the ADC can replicate the foreign directory entries to the other server.

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