Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Controlling Directory Synchronization

Synchronization involves exporting a specific set of directory entries to another messaging system and importing a specific set from your system. Most of this configuration is done using connector tabs in Exchange. During this process you need to decide:

Note   For Novell GroupWise only, you can choose whether to include or exclude any imported entries by post office or domain.

Synchronizing in One Direction Only

Directory synchronization typically involves a two-step process: importing recipients from another messaging system into Active Directory, and then exporting Exchange recipients to the other directory. However, you can synchronize in one direction only using manual directory synchronization.

Synchronizing Groups

Connectors support propagation of the names of groups to Active Directory and to other messaging systems. Connectors do not synchronize the memberships of the groups. The target system (either Exchange or the other system) must expand the group for message delivery to the members of the list.

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