Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Connecting to Other Messaging Systems

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server connectors support message transfer, directory synchronization, and calendar functions. When you use connectors between Exchange and another messaging system, the two systems coexist. This period of coexistence may be short; for example, you may only need time to migrate users from your existing messaging system to Exchange. In other cases, you may want long-term coexistence; for example, you may need a permanent connection to the messaging system of another department that is not moving to Exchange.

Exchange provides connectors to connect an Exchange 2000 organization with a partner's messaging system. Exchange 2000 includes the following connectors to partner systems:

For help with installing and managing Exchange connectors, see Working with Connectors.

If you are using the above connectors to connect to Lotus Notes or Novell GroupWise, and you want to allow users on partner systems to exchange free and busy information with users on Exchange, you must use Calendar Connector.

For help with installing and configuring Calendar Connector, see Calendar Connector.